Clyburn on Trump attempt to take credit for insulin pricing: ‘How can you be so bold with your lies’

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) took aim at former President Trump for trying to take credit for low prices of insulin over the weekend.

Clyburn responded to the former president’s Truth Social post on NewNation’s “The Hill Sunday,” slamming him for trying to take credit for the reduced cost of insulin in a Saturday post on the social platform.

“Donald Trump is now saying he, not Joe Biden, reduced the cost of insulin. How can you be so bold with your lies? If this guy didn’t do a single thing, but the push to reduce, in fact, eliminate the Affordable Care Act? In fact, he used that as his reason for being against John McCain and mimic him for having a cast the deciding vote, not to eliminate the Affordable Care Act,” Clyburn said.

President Biden has touted the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as one of his core achievements for lowering drug prices, including the $35 cap on insulin for those with Medicare. Biden’s campaign has sought to draw a contrast with Trump on drug prices, warning late last year that the prices could spike if Trump secures a second term.

Ammar Moussa, a Biden campaign spokesperson, wrote that Trump “failed” to cap insulin costs in a post on social media platform X. He was responding to Trump’s Truth Social post that said Biden “had NOTHING to do” with the low prices.

“This is how you know Donald Trump has a vulnerability. Trump promised to cap insulin costs. He failed. President Biden took on big pharma, worked across the aisle and capped insulin prices for millions of Americans,” Moussa wrote.

NewsNation is owned by Nexstar Media Group, which also owns The Hill.

The Hill has reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment.