Arvinas Reports Results of ARV-471 in P-I/II Study for the Treatment of Breast Cancer


The P-II (VERITAC) cohort expansion part of the P-I/II clinical study evaluates ARV-471 (200/500mg) vs ARV-471 + palbociclib in patients with locally advanced/metastatic ER+/HER2- breast cancer. The 1EPs of the study include CBR & 2EPs include ORR, DOR, PFS & OS
The results demonstrated antitumor activity in all CDK4/6 inhibitor pre-treated patients as measured by a CBR of 38% (n=71) in patients with mutant ESR1 tumors (n=41) depicting 51.2% & those with ESR1 wild-type tumors (n=25) depicting 20%
Additionally, all patients depicted an mPFS of 3.7mos. & 5.7mos. for those with mutant ESR1 tumors. ARV-471 is a PROTAC protein degrader designed to specifically target & degrade the ER

Ref: Arvinas | Image: Arvinas