CareFirst’s Healthworx Launches New Healthcare Accelerator for Startups

What You Should Know:

 Healthworx, an agile group of healthcare experts, combines investment, strategic partnership, commercialization, and launch pad capabilities. They are introducing a reimagined accelerator for healthcare startups seeking funding and mentorship.

– The Healthworx Accelerator, formerly known as 1501 Health, will equip startups with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate and grow within complex and entrenched healthcare markets. The program aims to help startups that have gained initial traction to bridge the gap and establish themselves in a sector traditionally dominated by large corporate entities.

– The program offers expert mentorship across all areas of the healthcare industry, including product development, payer/provider system navigation, and marketing. Recognizing the nuanced nature of healthcare, Healthworx Accelerator provides streamlined insider perspectives and education that would otherwise take years to acquire.

– Participating companies gain the opportunity to leverage education, mentorship, and networking to enhance their growth and impact, making early traction for innovators achievable.