Connected Pharmacy MedMinder Raises $35M for Polypharmacy & Senior Patients

What You Should Know:

MedMinder, a provider of connected pharmacy care for polypharmacy and senior patients, announced it has closed an additional $35 M in funding through a credit facility with SWK Holdings Corporation and additional investment from existing equity partner, Accelmed Partners.

– The additional funding will allow MedMinder to further its mission of enabling patients to age at home by increasing its capacity to meet growing demand, offering its holistic pharmacy services nationally, and building innovative virtual care, clinical, and technological capabilities.

Improving Accessibility and Quality of Home Care

MedMinder is the leading connected pharmacy care solution for seniors and polypharmacy patients. Founded in 2007, MedMinder currently employs over 180 team members and is a recognized ultra-high-growth pharmacy care organization. MedMinder’s touchscreen-enabled, automatic pill dispenser is the first device on the market capable of offering medications from its integrated pharmacy directly to patients in pre-organized daily trays for the entire month.

MedMinder is trusted by thousands of polypharmacy and seniors – and their caregivers – to help manage their care at home. MedMinder’s combination of an innovative, connected pill dispenser; convenient pharmacy care via pre-sorted medication trays; personalized clinical care; and robust analytic capabilities are purposefully designed to meet the unique needs of aging patients. Through extensive relationships with health plans, home health agencies, provider organizations, long-term care facilities and advocacy groups, MedMinder improves medication adherence, reduces adverse health outcomes, lowers the overall cost of care, and extends opportunities for aging at home.

“We are honored to establish a relationship with SWK and expand our relationship with Accelmed. Both partners are industry leaders who will be instrumental in helping us achieve our mission,” said Mike Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of MedMinder. “The demand for our services from patients and payers has never been greater. This additional investment will allow MedMinder to more deeply impact the lives of polypharmacy and senior patients nationally.”