Ibex, AstraZeneca, and Daiichi Sankyo Enter into a Collaboration to Develop Galen Breast HER2 for the Detection of Breast Cancer  


The companies will jointly develop, clinically validate & adopt Galen Breast HER2, to assist pathologists to perform accurate & reproducible assessments of HER2 IHC scoring in breast cancer patients
As per the results (presented at SABCS 2022) from the multi-site validation study evaluating Galen Breast HER2 in cohorts of 453 breast tumors, Galen’s AI algorithm provided an accurate & automated HER2 score for pathologists
Ibex’s Galen Breast HER2 is an IHC-scoring product that detects tumor areas & quantifies HER2 expression into 4 categories (0, 1+, 2+ & 3+). Ibex expects to expand Galen Breast to include automated quantification of additional IHC-stained slides (i.e. ER, PR & Ki-67) to aid pathologists in breast cancer diagnosis

Ref: PR Newswire | Image: Ibex

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