Thermo Fisher and AstraZeneca Enters into Multiyear Agreement to Develop Companion Diagnostic Test


Through this agreement both companies are working together to develop a solid tissue and blood-based CDx test to access Tagrisso (osimertinib) in patients with NSCLC
CDx test will be used for the detection of EGFR-expressing NSCLC tumors with various mutations (exon 21 L858R mutations, exon 19 deletions, or T790M mutations)
The collaboration will utilize the Oncomine Dx Express Test on the Genexus Dx System (NGS) platform to deliver results within 24hrs. Also, the Genexus Dx instrument and the Oncomine Dx Express Test are currently available as CE-IVD only

Ref: Businesswire | Image: Astrazeneca

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