TytoCare Partners with 5 Health Systems to Bring Telehealth to 100+ Schools

What You Should Know:

–              TytoCare, a virtual care company enabling health plans and providers to deliver accessible, high-quality remote primary care anywhere across the country, announced today that it has partnered with five new health systems to bring TytoCare solutions to more than 100 additional schools nationwide.

–              TytoCare’s school health initiative now reaches more than 2,000 schools across 31 states, with the goal of increasing access to primary and urgent care for children across the country.

Enhancing School Health: TytoCare’s Innovative Partnerships Transforming Access to Care

The recent expansion of the school health initiative is propelled by collaborations with health systems. Cone Health, for instance, has included 12 schools in Guilford County, N.C., in its telehealth program. Additionally, Sentara Health is gearing up to initiate a school-based telehealth program in Title-1 schools across Virginia. A Plus Family HealthCare, a Kentucky-based FQHC, is another partner, set to deploy TytoCare devices in five schools situated in Edmonson County, Kentucky.

This school health initiative by TytoCare operates through partnerships with health systems to deploy the Pro Smart Clinic solution in school clinics. The focus is particularly on rural or underserved areas where access to care might be challenging. The Pro Smart Clinic is FDA-cleared for various examinations, including heart, lung (with AI-driven wheeze detection), throat, ear exams, and temperature measurement. For many schools, adopting the Pro Smart Clinic means replacing bulky and expensive telehealth carts prone to technical glitches, thus streamlining care delivery.

Implementation of TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinic in schools not only saves time for parents but also facilitates children’s prompt return to class, thereby reducing unnecessary emergency department (ED) visits. A recent deployment of TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinic in a large region catering to over 60,000 students yielded significant results. With TytoCare available in schools, there’s a decreased burden on EDs, with 27 percent of parents indicating they would have resorted to ED visits and 45 percent to urgent care centers if not for the school-based telehealth program. Furthermore, 45 percent of parents reported they would have had to travel 11-25 miles to access care for their children without TytoCare’s availability in schools.

“School clinics powered by TytoCare can provide essential healthcare services remotely, increasing access to care and helping students and their parents avoid trips to the clinic and missed school days,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of TytoCare. “When the Pro Smart Clinic is in schools, students get exceptional care, parents get peace of mind and less time traveling to office visits and sitting in waiting rooms, and the health system benefits from exceptional, cost-effective care delivery.”