UVM Health Network Selects Abridge AI to Boost Clinician Satisfaction by 53%

What You Should Know:

Abridge, a leader in generative AI for clinical documentation, announced an enterprise-wide agreement with The University of Vermont Health Network. This integrated academic health system, serving over one million patients in Vermont and northern New York, selected Abridge following a comprehensive evaluation process involving 50 primary care providers assessing multiple solutions.

– Clinicians at UVM Health Network have been using Abridge’s generative AI solution for the past four months. The upcoming enterprise rollout will extend its usage to specialties such as cardiology, endocrinology, and others.

Key Results from the Pilot

The deployment of Abridge has led to notable improvements in several areas. First, there has been a 53% increase in professional fulfillment among clinicians, as measured by the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index, a recognized industry standard for assessing physician wellness. Additionally, clinicians have reported a significant 60% reduction in the time spent documenting patient encounters, both during clinic hours and outside of regular work hours. Furthermore, there has been a 51% decrease in cognitive load for clinicians, enabling them to concentrate more effectively on patient care.

“Abridge has delivered spectacular results for our physicians and improved the patient experience. We’ve eagerly awaited this day, and there’s no turning back,” said Dr. Jason Sanders, CEO and President Medical Group. “The superior quality of Abridge’s AI-generated note drafts made them the obvious choice by our Digital and Remote Health Committee for ambient documentation.”