Verantos Launches Alzheimer’s Disease Pragmatic Registry to Support RWE Generation

What You Should Know:

Verantos, the global leader in high-validity real-world evidence at scale, has launched its Alzheimer’s Disease Pragmatic Registry.

– This registry offers life sciences organizations rich and reliable data on patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions.

Verantos: Leading High-Validity Real-World Evidence

Verantos is the global leader in high-validity real-world evidence at scale. By applying artificial intelligence to comprehensive patient records, Verantos enables life sciences organizations to generate high-validity evidence with measured accuracy, completeness, and traceability across various therapeutic areas. This credible evidence accelerates clinical development, market access, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory initiatives.

A Pragmatic Registry is a condition-specific, high-quality data set generated using artificial intelligence on routinely collected real-world data (RWD). By combining unstructured and structured data from electronic health records with linkage to claims and mortality data, the Alzheimer’s Disease Pragmatic Registry offers an unparalleled view into disease severity, treatments, symptom control, resource utilization, and clinical outcomes.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Pragmatic Registry includes variables not available from traditional structured RWD sources, such as cognitive and behavioral symptoms like memory impairment, agitation, aggression, and psychosis; mini-mental state examination scores (MMSE) and Montreal cognitive assessments (MoCA); and PET and MRI imaging reports. These curated variables are in addition to features like medical history, biomarkers, resource utilization, and mortality.

The registry’s optimized variables boast the highest accuracy, completeness, and traceability in the industry. Verantos Pragmatic Registries provide access to rich and reliable data while maintaining the ability to introduce new variables, a capability unique to pragmatic approaches.

“Life science researchers are more likely to achieve breakthroughs when they work with rich and reliable data,” said Verantos President Anand Shroff. “The Alzheimer’s Disease Pragmatic Registry leverages the Verantos Evidence Platform and the Verantos Research Network to provide Alzheimer’s researchers with key insights needed to advance the understanding of this disease.”