Aegis Ventures Launches “Digital Consortium” with 9 Health Systems for Healthcare Innovation

What You Should Know:

Aegis Ventures, a New York-based healthcare venture studio, announced the formation of the Digital Consortium, a groundbreaking initiative designed to tackle some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges with nine leading health systems.

– Consortium members will innovate directly with Aegis to co-develop, invest in, and deploy healthtech solutions that address healthcare’s most urgent quality, equity, and cost problems, and enable them to better care for the communities they serve, while generating diversified sources of revenue.

– The Digital Consortium is built upon the success of a three-year collaboration between Northwell Health and Aegis Ventures. This partnership has already resulted in the creation and growth of four impactful companies, demonstrating the effectiveness of health system-led innovation.

Collaboration at the Core of Innovation

The Digital Consortium represents a significant shift in how healthcare innovation happens. Aegis Ventures believes health systems, with their deep understanding of patient needs and delivery challenges, are best positioned to identify areas ripe for improvement. By partnering with entrepreneurs and technologists, the consortium aims to bridge the gap between identifying problems and developing impactful solutions.

Founding Members: A Powerhouse of Healthcare Expertise

The founding members of the Digital Consortium were meticulously chosen for their leadership and commitment to innovation:

  • Stanford Health Care
  • Endeavor Health 
  • Indiana University Health
  • Memorial Hermann Health System
  • Northwell Health
  • Novant Health
  • Ochsner Health
  • The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • Sharp HealthCare

Together, they represent over $65B in operating revenue, and more than 300,000 employees. 

Focus on Quality, Equity, and Cost

The Digital Consortium will focus on developing solutions that address healthcare’s most pressing issues: improving quality of care, ensuring healthcare equity for all, and reducing costs. By leveraging AI, automation, and deep healthcare expertise, the consortium will create a synergistic ecosystem of technologies specifically designed to address the unique needs of health systems.

This partnership has already resulted in the creation of four successful companies tackling issues like patient engagement, women’s health, and workflow automation. This proven model serves as a blueprint for future collaborations within the Digital Consortium.