Anterior Secures $20M to Streamline Healthcare Administration with GenAI

What You Should Know: 

Anterior, a healthcare administration platform built by clinicians raises $20M in Series A funding round. 

– Led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), the round included participation from Sequoia Capital, Blue Lion Global, and Neo. Formerly known as Co:Helm, Anterior recently rebranded to reflect its focus on moving healthcare administration forward.

Unburdening Clinicians with AI

Anterior’s mission is to free doctors and nurses from the administrative burden that consumes their valuable time. Their primary target: prior authorization, a process that can delay or even prevent patients from receiving necessary care. “We want to make prior authorization as invisible as swiping a credit card,” the company states.

Clinically Reasoned AI for Real Results

Anterior’s technology leverages generative AI, a more advanced approach than the predictive models used previously. This “clinical co-pilot,” aptly named Florence (after Florence Nightingale), tackles challenges that were previously unsolvable by technology. Unlike some AI systems, all of Anterior’s recommendations are reviewed and approved by human clinicians, ensuring patient safety and best practices.

Focus on Clinician Input

Keeping the clinician’s perspective central, Anterior incorporates nurses directly into product development. Nurses participate in regular stand-up meetings to inform user experience and ensure the technology meets real-world needs.

Addressing a Costly Problem

The U.S. healthcare system spends a staggering $950 billion annually on administrative costs, largely due to the time clinicians spend on non-clinical tasks. By streamlining prior authorization, Anterior tackles a significant expense while accelerating patient access to care. Research shows that eight out of ten physicians believe prior authorization delays can lead patients to abandon their treatment plan altogether.

Founded by a Doctor-Engineer

Anterior is the brainchild of Dr. Abdel Mahmoud, a physician turned engineer with experience at Facebook and Google. Dr. Mahmoud’s unique background positions Anterior to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the realities of the healthcare system.

This $20 million funding round will fuel Anterior’s hiring and growth strategies, ensuring they continue to attract top talent and develop innovative solutions for a more efficient and patient-centered healthcare system.

“Our proprietary technology will reduce the administrative burden health insurers in the U.S. face, ultimately saving the country billions and enabling doctors and nurses to work at the top of their license,” said Abdel Mahmoud, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Anterior. “With half of our team being doctors or nurses, we deeply understand the problem we’re solving. We’re thrilled to join forces with NEA and have the continued support of our existing partners as we continue to put our technology to use for healthcare payers and the long-term benefit of patients across the U.S.”