Bavarian Nordic’s CHIKV VLP Receives EMA’s Accelerated Assessment for Chikungunya


The CHMP has granted accelerated assessment to CHIKV VLP chikungunya vaccine, the MAA submission of which to the EMA is anticipated in H1’24 based on two P-III studies
One of the P-III trial of CHIKV VLP (IM) vs PBO in healthy subjects (n=3,254; 12yrs.-64yrs.), depicted production of chikungunya neutralizing Ab in 98% of individuals after 22 days while in 47% & 97% of individuals after 8 & 15 days of vaccination respectively. Seroprotective Ab were found in 86% individuals after 6mos. of vaccination
Another P-III study in healthy subjects (n=413; ≥65yrs.) demonstrated neutralizing Ab in 87% of subjects after 22 days of single vaccination. Seroprotective Ab were found in 82% of subjects at day 15

Ref: Bavarian Nordic | Image: Bavarian Nordic

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