Case study: How IU Health processed $632 million in claims transmissions in one week with ClaimSource

“As the IU Health Revenue Cycle team rallied to respond to the claims processing disruption, we were uniquely positioned with our long-time Experian partnership to quickly re-institute critical claims routines and restore a significant volume of claims transmissions.  This would not have been possible without Experian’s nimble and comprehensive approach, immediately applying talented and committed resources that leveraged existing Experian platform infrastructure.”

– Bryan Daniels, Vice President Revenue Cycle Solutions, IU Health


Indiana University Health (IU Health) is the largest network of physicians in Indiana comprised of over 38,000 team members and 2,717 available beds. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the organization has dozens of facilities statewide and is on a mission to make the state one of the healthiest in the nation.

In February 2024, IU Health found itself impacted by the cybersecurity incident so many providers across the country abruptly faced. They were unable to send claims to insurance companies and their revenue cycle operations came to screeching halt. Knowing they needed a trusted solution fast, the revenue cycle leadership team asked Experian Health if they could help.


Conversations advanced quickly and the Experian Health team was able to implement its Best in KLAS ClaimSource® platform within a week. ClaimSource is an innovative claims management solution designed for scalability and improves revenue streams by minimizing denials. By using automation, it boosts operational efficiency by prioritizing claims, payments, and denials, allowing users to tackle high-impact accounts promptly.


Thanks to ClaimSource, IU Health achieved the following results:

  • Accelerated $632 million in claims transmissions in the first five days of business.
  • Processed $1.1B of claims backlog by March 27.

“We value our longstanding partnership with IU Health and it’s very rewarding that we were able to help in a very critical situation,” said Jason Considine, Experian Health’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We know IU Health places the utmost importance on patient care, and being an important part of our client’s solution to deliver on their service commitment is reflective of our service commitment to simplify healthcare.”

Learn more about how ClaimSource can help your healthcare organization accelerate cash flow, reduce denials and optimize efficiency.

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