Eli Lilly Reports the P-II (SYNERGY-NASH) Study Data of Tirzepatide for Treating Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Steatohepatitis (MASH)


The 52wks. P-II (SYNERGY-NASH) trial assessed tirzepatide’s (5mg, 10mg, & 15mg, SC, QW) safety & efficacy vs PBO in biopsy-confirmed MASH adults (n=190) with stage 2/3 fibrosis
Efficacy estimand, featured at EASL 2024 & published in the NEJM, depicted MASH resolution without worsening fibrosis in 51.8%, 62.8% & 73.3% vs 13.2% & improved fibrosis (≥1-stage) without worsening MASH in 59.1%, 53.3% & 54.2% vs 32.8% of them along with changes in body wt., liver injury blood markers, liver fat biomarkers, inflammation & fibrosis
Treatment-regimen estimand showed MASH resolution without worsening fibrosis in 43.6%, 55.5% & 62.4% vs 9.8% & reduction in fibrosis (>1 stage) without worsening MASH in 54.9%, 51.3% & 51.0% vs 29.7% of patients

Ref: Eli Lilly | Image: Eli Lilly

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