Flatiron & ACCC Partner to Expand Community Oncology Clinical Trials

What You Should Know: 

Flatiron Health, an oncology-focused healthtech company, and the Association of Cancer Care Centers (ACCC), a powerful network of cancer care professionals, are proud to announce a new collaboration. 

– The partnership aims to make cancer clinical trials more accessible to patients in community settings and empower healthcare providers with cutting-edge data capture technology.

Boosting Clinical Trial Participation

ACCC boasts over 40,000 members across diverse cancer care specialties. Through this collaboration, Flatiron and ACCC will work together to:

  • Increase access to clinical trials: The partnership will focus on promoting participation in cancer clinical trials within community-based practices. This will give patients greater access to potentially life-saving treatment options closer to home.

Revolutionizing Data Capture

Flatiron’s innovative technology, Flatiron Clinical Pipe™, plays a central role in this initiative.

  • What is Flatiron Clinical Pipe? This state-of-the-art tool seamlessly connects electronic health records (EHR) to electronic data capture (EDC) systems. This translates to:
    • Faster data capture: Flatiron Clinical Pipe streamlines the process of capturing both structured and unstructured clinical trial data, saving valuable time and resources.
    • Improved accuracy: Efficient data transfer minimizes errors and ensures data integrity.

Benefits for Everyone

By leveraging Flatiron Clinical Pipe, ACCC member practices will experience significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced workload: Faster data capture frees up valuable staff time to focus on patient care.
  • Increased research participation: Streamlined data collection allows practices to participate in more clinical trials, offering patients access to the latest treatment options.
  • Reduced disparities: Expanding clinical trial access in community settings helps bridge the gap and ensure more patients have the opportunity to participate in potentially life-changing research.

“This collaboration with Flatiron Health marks a significant moment for us at ACCC. By bringing cutting-edge tech to our community cancer centers, this partnership will make clinical trials more accessible, streamline data management, and help us deliver improved care to our patients across cancer care settings more efficiently and effectively,” said Sumanta K. Pal, MD, FASCO, Chair, ACCC’s Community Oncology Research Institute (ACORI). “We look forward to continuing our work together to realize the full impact and value our partnership can bring to improve the experience of every person with cancer.”