PassPort Technologies Reports Data from the P-I Study of Zolmitriptan Transdermal Microporation System to Treat Acute Migraine


Part A portion of the P-I trial evaluates the tolerability & PK of Zolmitriptan PassPort (microporation device + zolmitriptan patch) at 3 doses (0.75mg, 1.5mg & 3.0mg) vs zolmitriptan (2.5mg, oral)
Plasma concentration of Zolmitriptan was detected within 2min. post Zolmitriptan PassPort administration vs 15min. post oral administration with a bioavailability of ~160% to 200%. The system was well-tolerated without any SAEs
The ongoing Part B portion will evaluate the transdermal administration of a single dose of Zolmitriptan at other sites incl. the abdomen & upper thigh with final results anticipated in Q3’24. The company expects to out-license Zolmitriptan PassPort for further development and commercialization

Ref: PassPort Technologies | Image: PassPort Technologies

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