Viome’s Oral Cancer Detection Test with Henry Schein

What You Should Know:

  • Viome, a leading innovator of health technology and personalized health solutions, is partnering with Henry Schein to provide better access to Viome’s Oral Health Pro™ With CancerDetect™.
  • Viome’s laboratory-developed test helps detect early biomarkers of oral and throat cancers, enhancing practitioners’ ability to effectively harness the power of preventive care and improve patient outcomes.

Revolutionizing Oral Cancer Detection: Henry Schein and Viome Partnership

Henry Schein serves as the primary platform for clinicians seeking to order Oral Health Pro™ With CancerDetect™, facilitating patient access to the test. After collecting a saliva sample, healthcare professionals send it to Viome’s CLIA lab for testing. Results are accessible via a secure portal within one to two weeks, enabling collaborative review by clinicians and patients. 

With over 400,000 new oral cancer cases annually in the U.S., there’s a pressing need for reliable detection methods, as highlighted by Nutrients journal. Viome, a leader in longevity and preventive healthcare, utilizes advanced AI and the largest gene expression database to offer personalized nutritional guidance and microbiome health products. Their innovative approach, combining RNA sequencing and AI, has empowered over half a million users with robust health insights for a healthier lifespan.

Dr. Ed Zuckerberg DDS FAGD, Chief Dental Officer at Viome, highlights the transformative impact of Viome’s test and Henry Schein’s unique ability to help generate greater access across healthcare. “The traditional approach to oral care has been predominantly reliant on visual and tactile examinations. With new research and technology, we can now better understand the risks for oral health diseases and better detect the onset of oral and throat cancer. Oral Health Pro With CancerDetect can help change oral healthcare for both patients and medical professionals who never had access to this type of test. Our collaboration with Henry Schein extends the power of preventive care and it enables dentists and medical professionals to be more effective in their treatments, fundamentally changing the game.”