AnchorDx Reports First Patient Enrollment of UriFind Bladder Cancer Assay for Bladder Cancer in the US


The company reported the first patient enrollment in a US trial of its UriFind bladder cancer assay in 1000+ patients with bladder cancer at 10 sites of Urology clinics and 3 CAP/CLIA laboratories
The study focused to evaluate the noninvasive, quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) assay to detect two DNA methylation biomarkers in urine specimens
UriFind test is designed to provide improved sensitivity and specificity over cytology and other assays & provides advantages in the detection of early, micro, residual, and recurrent bladder cancer. The test has received CE certification in the EU & also received BTD from the US FDA in July 2021

Ref: PRNewswire | Image: AnchorDx